Hospitality & HR ERP (LalQila)

Hospitality ERP automate whole HR procedure for GeekGroup in which they manage their employees records, documents, leaves, payroll, financial terms, suspension, termination w.r.t different companies of whole group.

ManufacturingERP (Surgical ERP)

Manufacturing ERP provides major contribution for items from Raw material to final Product, It automates whole Product Sale and Purchase section which start from Item management to Product Quotation,Sales Order, Purchase Order,

Speak English Around Town

Animated videos help you learn and remember English! You’ll see, hear, and read English as it’s really spoken. Learn the right way to say what you mean in daily situations. Introducing our newest app, Speak English Around Town. You get 3 lessons for free …

Industrial Calculartor App

Ideal for optimizer. Compressed air Tools provides a collection of important calculation tools for the optimization of your compressed air station.Tools: Unit converter: pressure, volume, power, volume flow, energy and temperature Calculation of the pressure drop in the compressed air system Calculation of the development of

Sales ERP (BriteSpan Quote)

Company has been in the fabric building industry since 1994, offering the widest product line available today, with engineered structures from 24′ to 200′ wide to ANY length. It provide building solutions for any need, any size, and any height requirement. It’s structures are engineered to be portable, temporary or permanent,

It’s Time

It’s Time! will help you to easily manage your daily tasks. It will become your best companion to your everyday life events. It’s Time! is an easy but powerful to-do and reminders app that will make you more productive in no time! enable with AppleWatch which will help you to easily manage your daily tasks.…

Roger’s Mushrooms

The Roger’s Mushrooms App is the perfect tool for learning about and identifying mushrooms, and for networking with other mushroom hunters. The app offers the most complete catalogue of wild mushrooms and fungi across Europe and North America, featuring over 2,600 photographs of 1,650 fungi species that have been collected in the wild by renowned…

Gould Community

Gould.Community is a collective of unique online platforms driven by one vision: to celebrate all that is positive, inspiring, and meaningful being created and achieved by Muslims. Muslims all over the world are, quite simply, pretty awesome and doing brilliant things. Our family of Gould.Community sites are driven by one vision: to celebrate all that…


Discover cool Muslimy things. Don’t miss any of the awesome things that are happening, being written, photographed, drawn, filmed, and more, by Muslims and/or about Muslims from all over the world. Flip through tiles containing the freshest content; including articles, images, videos, events, and more. Read, share, & save your favourites. Curated Content  Receive the…

City Tour

“You are not alone on the road”, “You should start Better and arrive Better”, – our hometown takes for “Mission: City” truly all reins. City Tour App which can bring you a purely feel like a home town. City Tour brings you to join different City Tours. City News, Events and Weather Condition.


Easily create images with Quran Verses Quran Share allows you to share a verse from the Quran in an aesthetically pleasing design. You can select a verse by browsing through the different chapters of the Quran or by searching for a verse through the topic index. Then you can search for a picture on flickr…


Over 10 million fans. Photoblend is the most popular Instagram photoblending app. #1 in over 50 countries! Big thanks to everyone using Photoblend. Photoblend – The cool new photo editor that allows you to blend two images together to create a double exposure effect!


Atlikarinca enables you to sell or buy new or used products very quickly. It delivers several useful functionalities like submitting offers, asking questions, rating sellers and buyers, sharing Products through social media, register through social Media or Google+, helpful Views for Seller and Buyer.

BrotherBeard Game Show

Play a wonderful game with brother beard by answering 1000 islamic questions of varying difficulty. All questions and options are audible so young children can enjoy them as well. Increase your knowledge of Islam and challenge yourself to learn more. Pick the right answer from four choices or choose one of the life lines to…


Paycity, you will be able to view your fines from the comfort of your mobile device. This is only for existing users and for those of you who aren’t existing users, please simply sign up via our website and you’ll then have access via the payCity mobile application.

Fit Elements

Fit Elements Class Coach is a interactive group fitness aid for instructors teaching the Fit Elements FitGroup Classes. It houses the programs and all of there components including exercise names, class timers and exercise videos. With this app instructors can better focus on motivating participants and correcting form. This is the future of Group Fitness.