Ideal for optimizer. Compressed air Tools provides a collection of important calculation tools for the optimization of your compressed air station.Tools:

  1. Unit converter: pressure, volume, power, volume flow, energy and temperature
  2. Calculation of the pressure drop in the compressed air system
  3. Calculation of the development of

    condensate during compression

  4. Calculation in standard cubic metres according to DIN 1343 and ISO 2533
  5. Calculation of optimal receiver size
  6. Calculation of the sound pressure level
  7. Calculation of several sound sources of the same kind and
  8. Calculation of several sound sources of different kinds
  9. Calculation of the minimum cross-section of the exhaust air aperture
  10. Determining the nominal pipe width by calculation
  11. Determining the quantity of leakage
  12. Determining by emptying the receiver and
  13. Determining by on-period measurement