Easily create images with Quran Verses
Quran Share allows you to share a verse from the Quran in an aesthetically pleasing design. You can select a verse by browsing through the different chapters of the Quran or by searching for a verse through the topic index. Then you can search for a picture on flickr by any keyword
(like mountain, prayer, trees). Once you have selected the picture, you can then overlap the verse onto the picture and adjust the color, size, alignment of text over the picture. Once satisfied with your design, simply share the picture through facebook, whatsapp, twitter, email or any other social networking site.

Complete text of the Quran in Arabic and its english translation is available within the App. A detailed topic index of the Quran is also built-in to
assist the user to search for the verse according to his/her interest.

Now you can place the verses of Quran on beautiful images from flickr and share with your friends. Spread the message of
Quran through a beautiful and easily generated image.