The Roger’s Mushrooms App is the perfect tool for learning about and identifying mushrooms, and for networking with other mushroom hunters. The app offers the most complete catalogue of wild mushrooms and fungi across Europe and North America, featuring over 2,600 photographs of 1,650 fungi species that have been collected in the wild by renowned mycologist and best selling author Roger Phillips and other senior mycologists from America and Europe. Roger also introduces users to cooking mushrooms and shares some of his favourite mushroom recipes for users to try out.

Users can personalise their experience by adding comments and images throughout the app, and by recording details of the mushrooms they spot on a satellite map. Multiple social features are integrated including being able to engage the wider user group in helping identify mushrooms, and inviting other users on mushroom forays.
No internet connection is needed to access the mushroom database enabling you to identify mushrooms in the field.

– Key Features:

  1. Learn about and identify mushrooms through
  2. Social Features
  3. Personalisation
  4. Eat Mushrooms