Animated videos help you learn and remember English! You’ll see, hear, and read English as it’s really spoken. Learn the right way to say what you mean in daily situations. Introducing our newest app, Speak English Around Town. You get 3 lessons for free …

if you like them, you can buy the remaining 12 lessons through an in-app purchase for $9.99 (or get a lesson pack of 4 lessons at a time for $3.99).Through lively and realistic dialogs, Speak English Around Town teaches the expressions you need for everyday life. You’ll use these expressions when shopping, dining out, traveling, and during a dozen other daily activities.

Speak English Around Town brings you:

  1. Realistic animated videos of all the lessons, featuring American English speakers
  2. Subtitles of all the videos so you can read along
  3. 180 of today’s most common expressions and idioms
  4. Clear and easy to understand definitions
  5. 30 practice exercises to help you master the material
  6. Realistic conversations on everyday topics

The 15 lessons include:

  1. Returning an Item to the Store
  2. Ordering at a Restaurant
  3. Visiting the Doctor
  4. Dealing with Lost Luggage

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