Sales ERP (BriteSpan Quote)

Company has been in the fabric building industry since 1994, offering the widest product line available today, with engineered structures from 24′ to 200′ wide to ANY length. It provide building solutions for any need, any size, and any height requirement. It’s structures are engineered to be portable, temporary or permanent,

It’s Time

It’s Time! will help you to easily manage your daily tasks. It will become your best companion to your everyday life events. It’s Time! is an easy but powerful to-do and reminders app that will make you more productive in no time! enable with AppleWatch which will help you to easily manage your daily tasks.…

Gould Community

Gould.Community is a collective of unique online platforms driven by one vision: to celebrate all that is positive, inspiring, and meaningful being created and achieved by Muslims. Muslims all over the world are, quite simply, pretty awesome and doing brilliant things. Our family of Gould.Community sites are driven by one vision: to celebrate all that…


Atlikarinca enables you to sell or buy new or used products very quickly. It delivers several useful functionalities like submitting offers, asking questions, rating sellers and buyers, sharing Products through social media, register through social Media or Google+, helpful Views for Seller and Buyer.